14 of the Best CBD Bath Bombs, Salts and Soaks for Full-Body Relief

Unwinding with one of the best CBD bath bombs is an efficient way to relieve soreness and pain in the body, while also promoting feelings of relaxation and calmness. Fortified with broad-spectrum CBD, which is renowned for its restorative and healing benefits in the body, these bath products are designed to infuse your bath water with the buzzworthy wellness ingredient so that it can be absorbed through your skin.

Offering a more effective topical application method compared to popular CBD oils, balms and body lotions, the best CBD bath bombs deliver full-body relief instantly without any tedious rubbing or spot targeting. Plus, they are oftentimes formulated with essential oils, which create a soothing and rejuvenating aromatherapy moment for the mind, and nourishing hydrating ingredients to boost moisture in the skin.

The Best CBD Bath Bombs

Featuring a wide range of CBD dosages and fragrance notes, keep scrolling to explore the best CBD bath bombs that will help transform your standard bath into a spa-quality experience.

1. Shea Brand CBD Bath Bomb Set

Stocked with a trio of bath bombs in varying fragrances, the Shea Brand CBD Bath Bomb Set is fortified with 25 milligrams of CBD and uses a blend of olive oil and organic hemp leaves to soothe the body and mind for a luxurious soak. Inside, you’ll find the Green Tea, Ginger Milk and Rose bath bombs.

shea brand, best cbd bath bombs

Shea Brand Bath Bomb Set


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2. cbdMD Bath Bomb

Available in six different scents, the cbdMD Bath Bomb features 100 milligrams of CBD to revitalize and relax the senses. Fragranced with lavender, frankincense and eucalyptus essential oils, choose between Romance, Rise, Relax, Rejuvenate, Resist and Restore.

cbdmd, bst cbd bath bombs

cbdMD Bath Bomb


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3. Extract Labs Breathe CBD Bath Bomb

One of the brand’s four bath bomb varieties, the Extract Labs Breathe CBD Bath Bomb contains 100 milligrams of CBD and a blend of eucalyptus essential oil to open and invigorate the senses. It also features a tumbled amazonite gemstone, which is known for bringing harmony and balance and encourage one to speak their truth.

extract labs, best cbd bath bombs

Extract Labs Breathe CBD Bath Bomb


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4. Kush Queen Relieve CBD Bath Bomb

Available in 25 milligram, 100 milligram and 200 milligram doses to match your preferences, the Kush Queen Relieve CBD Bath Bomb offers instant pain relief using a blend of organic clove, birch, rosemary, black pepper and coriander essential oils.

kush queen, best cbd bath bombs

Kush Queen Relieve CBD Bath Bomb


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5. JustCBD CBD Bath Bomb

Available in five fragrances, the JustCBD CBD Bath Bomb contains 150 milligrams of CBD to create a soothing and calming bath experience. Choose between the brand’s Rose, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Citrus and Sweet Cherry bath bombs.

justcbd, best cbd bath bombs

JustCBD CBD Bath Bomb


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6. Musee Let It Be CBD Bath Set

Featuring the brand’s best-selling CBD bath products, the Musee Let It Be CBD Bath Set contains the brand’s cannabidiol-infused therapy Bath Soak and Bath Balm so you can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating bath time experience. The Let It Be Calm Bath Soak contains 300 milligrams of CBD while the Let It Be Calm Bath Balm contains 200 milligrams. Both contain a conditioning and soothing blend of olive oil, aloe vera, Pacific Sea Salt and more.

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Musee Let It Be CBD Bath Set


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7. Prima Bath Gem

Combining CBD, Epsom salt and Meadowfoam, the Prima Bath Gem creates a luxurious spa-quality experience that calms and restores your body from head to toe. Using 25 milligrams of CBD and a specialized blend of moisturizing safflower seed oils and purifying magnesium, your skin is left feeling soft and nourished.

prima, best cbd bath bombs

Prima Bath Gem


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The Best CBD Bath Salts and Soaks

For those looking for more pain relief, opting for a CBD bath salt over a bath bomb will help repair, renew and restore your body. While they boast the same aromatherapeutic benefits as bombs, bath salts contain Epsom salts, which feature a blend of soothing minerals such as magnesium and sulfate that loosens stiff muscles. When combined with CBD, this powerful ingredient deeply calms and relaxes the body for a reviving bath time experience. Epsom salt baths have also been found to improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure and detoxify the skin. In place of Epsom salt, some CBD bath salts will use pink Himalayan salt or sea salt to relieve the muscles.

Below, find the best CBD bath salts and soaks that will help you achieve ultimate relaxation and relief.

8. Vertly CBD-Infused Bath Salts

The perfect remedy for when you’re feeling particularly stressed out, the Vertly CBD-Infused Bath Salts combines 100 milligrams of CBD with a blend of healing salts, minerals and botanical infusions to relieve aches and tensions caused from exercise, traveling or everyday life. In addition to marjoram, yarrow and rosemary, it also contains calming lavender, lemon and clary sage essential oils to help you chill.vertly, best cbd bath bombs

Vertly CBD-Infused Bath Salts


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9. Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts

Specially crafted to restore balance and relax the body, one scoop of the Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts contains 20 milligrams of CBD to fortify your bath. Featuring fragrance notes of evergreen and citrus, this top-rated CBD bath salt also contains pink Himalayan salt, magnesium-rich Epsom salts and a revitalizing blend of arnica and calendula petals.

lord jones, best cbd bath bombs

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts


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10. SoulSpring Soothing CBD Bath Soak

Designed to make every night a spa night, the SoulSpring Soothing CBD Bath Soak combines a trio of restorative minerals with 125 milligrams of CBD to soothe and relax your mind, body and soul. Key ingredients include Hawaiian bamboo sea salts, Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts and eucalyptus essential oil.

soulspring, best cbd bath bombs

SoulSpring Soothing CBD Bath Soak


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11. Daughter of the Land CBD Cypress Bath Soak

Created for the muscles and mind alike, the Daughter of the Land CBD Cypress Bath Soak uses 10 milligrams of CBD per serving and its signature Forest Fresh fragrance to transport your senses to your happy place. Key ingredients include a soothing blend of Epsom and French gray salts, anti-inflammatory arnica Montana oil and conditioning olive oil, plus Douglas fir and peppermint essential oils.

daughter of the land, best cbd bath bombs

Daughter of the Land CBD Cypress Bath Soak


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12. Lab to Beauty Soothing Bath Soak

Comprised of 50 milligrams of CBD, the Lab to Beauty Soothing Bath Soak is made with a restorative blend of calming sea salt, anti-inflammatory CBD and nourishing apricot oil to promote deep relaxation and renewal. It’s also infused with peppermint leaves and rosemary mint to create a spa-like aromatic experience.

lab to beauty, best cbd bath bombs

Lab To Beauty The Soothing Bath Soak


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13. Foria Relief Bath Salts With CBD & Kava

Enriched with Epsom salts, organically grown kava and 200 milligrams of CBD, the Foria Relief Bath Salts with CBD & Kava melts tension in the body and soothes aches and strains for a healing and restorative soak. Also inside are arnica and ginger, which further promote recovery and renewal.

foria, best cbd bath bombs

Foria Relief Bath Salts with CBD & Kava


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14. Rosebud Mend Bath Soak

Powered by 50 milligrams of CBD, the Rosebud Mend Bath Soak provides instant therapeutic relief for sore muscles, anxious minds and tense bodies. It also features a blend of magnesium-rich Epsom salts and eucalyptus, peppermint and roman chamomile essential oils to promote relaxation and calm.

rosebud, best cbd bath bombs

Rosebud Mend Bath Soak


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