6 Best Cyber Monday CBD Deals (2020)

Five CBD Full Spectrum Gummies are amazing. I received a free sample to test out, and they really stood out, because of their palpable effects. And this week, you can buy one bottle and get one free — saving you nearly $60.

They give you a “buzz,” but it’s not debilitating. It’s more of a creative, uplifting, productive buzz.

The THC levels remain below .3%, so these are still legal in all 50 states. (To be sold as CBD or hemp, products can only have THC levels at .3% or less.) These low levels of THC are considered “non-psychoactive.”

So why do these CBD gummies produce such a noticeable buzz?

It could be Five CBD’s namesake ratio: They include 5 times as much CBD as other beneficial hemp compounds (including THC). For more information, check out my detailed review in our guide to the best CBD…

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