A cop is moving into my duplex (two family home)?I smoke everyday. I need advice!!!

FML. Well January 1st I have this cop and wife moving into my two family home. I live on Long Island, NY, I have been in this house for almost 30 years and rent to a landlord. I live on the bottom floor they will be on the top floor. I smoke weed sporadically throughout the day (mainly at night), and just like everyone else here I think we can all agree cops have been a disservice to us stoners at least once in our lives. Personally I have gotten arrested twice for smoking in public and charged for a misdemeanor both times then brought down to a violation and a petty fine? ?. Can this douche nozzle try to pull an off duty stunt on me possibly harass me or arrest me if he smells it? What If I’m outside puffing a bowl or joint and I have a run in with this clown ? Am I safe in any shape or form? Technically I’m smoking on my landlords property. What’s the legalities of this? Does he have the right to pull an off-duty vigilante move on me? I hope someone has some insight on this. Perhaps someone here has lived with a cop in an apartment or duplex like myself. I have very little time left until the old tenants move!! Please someone help with sage advice, I’m freaking out over this!!

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