Best Xayah build in League of Legends season 10

Season 10 drastically changed League of Legends bot lane meta. Different champions have become more effective than others, and one of the most effective is Xayah. The Rebel is extremely useful with her fast takedown potential in lane and scaling, which allows her to be more effective in the mid to later stages of the match.

As goes for all champions, Xayah will make use of different items to suit the situation she may find herself in throughout the game. Despite this wiggle room, Xayah has core items that, when partnered with her kit, will make sure that she is extremely powerful.


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Lethal Tempo: The perfect rune for ranged ADC champions, Lethal Tempo activates a 1.5-second timer upon dealing damage to enemy champions. Once this timer reaches zero, Xayah will gain bonus attack speed for three seconds. Attacking an enemy champion with this bonus active will increase its duration to six seconds. For a champion like Xayah who is going to be laying down poke damage throughout the laning phase, this is a particularly important rune to have.

Presence of Mind: Being a mana-based champion, Xayah will often find herself exhausting all mana to chase down takedowns. Presence of Mind makes this acceptable as with each secured takedown Xayah will see 20 percent of her mana refill and the overall maximum mana increase by 100. This is going to allow Xayah to continue her aggressive plays in the lane and sometimes set up a string of takedowns.

Legend: Bloodline: Taking down enemy units is going to grant legend stacks that will see Xayah gain 0.6 percent life steal. While it might not seem like a lot, this life steal could be the defining factor for Xayah to win competitive duels.

Coup De Grace: ADCs will often find themselves securing takedowns for the team due to their high damage and usual ranged abilities. Coup De Grace is going to assist in securing takedowns by making Xayah deal extra damage to opponents with low health.


Magical Footwear: This rune is commonly used for champions with low based movement speed, but it perfectly assists Xayah’s kit regardless of her base movement speed. Magical footwear will grant the player a set of Slightly Magical Boots at 12 minutes that will increase the champion’s movement speed by 10. For the more aggressive players, the boots can be acquired faster since every takedown will reduce the timer by 45 seconds.

Biscuit Delivery: Another common rune for champions who will be spending a lot of time trading in lane, Biscuit Delivery offers Xayah a way to gain back health without returning to base. Every two minutes for the first six minutes, this rune will grant Xayah a biscuit that will grant her health and mana recovery and also permanently increase her mana pool by 50.

Bonuses: +10 percent attack speed, +9 adaptive force, +6 armor

Early-game items

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Doran’s Blade

What would seem to be a standard starting item for ADC champions, Doran’s Blade is going to be Xayah’s first pick whatever way you choose to build the champion. This item grants her 80 bonus health, eight attack damage, and three percent life steal. While these values might not seem a lot, early in the laning phase this could be just what Xayah needs to secure kills on her opponents by utilizing the damage and range of her abilities. The life steal is also going to give her some bonus confidence and sustain to a duel at earlier stages of the game.

Health Potion

All bottom lane champions are likely going to take poke damage early from their opposing ADC or support champions. To counter this, buying a health potion is going to allow the player to heal back some of the damage they take and remain in lane for any additional altercations that may arise. For only 50 gold, health potions restore 150 health over 15 seconds.

Core items

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Essence Reaver

Attack damage, critical strike chance, and cooldown reduction are the three major stat increases that will greatly compliment Xayah’s kit. Essence Reaver grants a bonus 70 attack damage as well as a 20-percent critical strike chance. Once this item is acquired Xayah will begin dealing high damage with her basic attacks as well as her abilities. The item’s unique passive will see not only 20-percent cooldown reduction but also each of the champion’s basic attacks will now restore 1.5 percent of her mana bar.

Infinity Edge

Sticking with the theme of increasing the critical damage dealt by Xayah, an item that cannot be overlooked is the Infinity Edge. This iconic attack damage item boasts 80 additional attack damage as well as a 25-percent critical strike chance. Where it shines comes from the item’s passive. The passive increases each critical strike by 25 percent damage, making the champion’s basic attacks incredibly lethal.

Rapid Firecannon

To perfectly compliment her other core items, Rapid Firecannon will grant an additional 30 attack speed with a 25-percent critical strike chance and seven percent movement speed. This increase in attack speed is going to see Xayah reap the benefits of her critical strikes more often. The Rapid Firecannon also has an extremely useful passive ability: Xayah’s attacks become energized while she is moving, and these energized attacks will gain 120 bonus magic damage and 35-percent bonus range.

Late-game items

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Berserker’s Greaves

Berserker’s Greaves are the perfect choice in boots for Xayah. This item adds an additional 35-percent attack speed as well as 45 movement speed.

Phantom Dancer

Building a Phantom Dancer is a great late-game option with Xayah since it is going to give her further attack speed increases. The item boasts a 30-percent attack speed increase that will help utilize the critical strike effects given by other items. On top of this, Phantom Dancer offers a 25-percent additional critical strike chance and a shield that will activate when Xayah finds herself on low health that can tank some of the incoming damage from enemies.

Guardian Angel

This item is going to help the team greatly since high damage ADCs such as Xayah are targeted and taken down first. On top of the stat increases, Guardian Angel will resurrect Xayah with 50 percent health and mana after she is eliminated in combat. This is going to make picking fights extremely easier as the player knows they have a second opportunity to get back in the fight.

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