CBD 101: Where Can I Buy CBD Oil Near Me?

If you’re new to trying hemp oil as a wellness supplement, you’ve probably asked yourself, “where can I buy CBD oil near me?”

Depending on the state you live in, the answer could be just around the corner, at a pharmacy, or nowhere at all.

Since the 2018 Hemp Farming Act was passed, hemp oil with no more than 0.3% THC is legal to be sold in all states except Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota. If you live in these states, obtaining CBD oil may require a road trip (one that we in no way advise you to take).

Dispensaries are more and more popular these days, and while marijuana-sourced CBD may not be legal in your state, chances are good that it will be legal to obtain hemp-sourced CBD either through a dispensary or by shopping online.

During all this COVID-19 mayhem, though, why risk a trip to the dispensary when a walk to the mailbox is so much easier?

So, let’s answer the question: “Where Can I Buy CBD Oil Near Me?”

Ready? We’re diving in…

Buying Online Is Better

A woman looking at her laptop

A woman looking at her laptopSure, it can be nice to wander into a dispensary and check out what’s available, but if you can find a product of similar quality online, why leave the house at all? By ordering online, you can get lab-tested, high-grade CBD oil shipped to you free.

When it comes to finding a good hemp product, you need to know where your cannabis comes from. Hemp grown in the U.S. must meet certain standards of quality, and if it’s labeled organic, it must adhere to restrictions on pesticides and fertilizers.

When you buy from a good online vendor, you can also rest assured that they will stand behind their product. If something you receive doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s much easier to return something to an online store than to a dispensary.

Online Shopping Saves Time

We do just about everything from our smartphones now, and shopping is no exception. Not only does online shopping allow you to quickly and conveniently order CBD products, but there’s usually a much better selection when shelf space isn’t an issue. You can browse hundreds of products, read what other customers have to say about them, and make a decision without any pressure.

Shopping online is fast. Most transactions only take a few minutes from beginning to end, especially if you know what you want. Once you find the right vendor, you’ll know what to buy as soon as you log on. Plus, some vendors offer loyalty discounts.

A Stable Inventory

One problem unique to dispensaries is that the product lineup can change at a moment’s notice. If a grower stops selling their product, or if the dispensary changes management, there’s no continuity among products—leaving you stuck having to find a new CBD product that works for you.

Online stores that carry their own house brands continually source their materials from the same growers and maintain consistent formulas for their products. By choosing an online store, you give yourself the best chance at not having to guess what works and what doesn’t.

If you find a favorite product, such as a CBD multivitamin or muscle cream, you won’t have to hope that they will be in stock next time you visit. This is a big difference between dispensaries and online stores.

Online Stores Offer Guarantees

Picture yourself at the counter of a dispensary. In front of you stands a friendly associate who gives their recommendations about what to buy. You ask them if it works, and they say yes. That’s the extent of the dispensary’s guarantee—an employee’s recommendation.

There’s nothing wrong with a recommendation, but that shouldn’t be the only promise you can count on for quality. Online stores work differently, resembling a conventional store more than a specialty vendor of controlled substances.

Again, knowing what you’re getting is a huge benefit of shopping online. Once you find something you love, you won’t need a guarantee that it will work.

You Can Count on Organic Products

CBD is a recent addition to the wellness lineup. It’s catching on, but the stigma around cannabis has made it hard to pass legislation about the confirmed benefits of the compound. This results in a lack of regulation about hemp-based products, and the consequences are troubling.

There are far too many horror stories about people buying bad CBD or worse (sometimes it isn’t even real CBD). Not only do these products not work, but they could even cause serious physical harm to victims.

With a good online vendor, you’ll be able to hold them responsible for the products they sell. If something is wrong, you won’t have to hoof it back to the dispensary and say that one of the CBD things they sold you didn’t work. You’ll have someone you can talk to.

Organic products are a completely different breed from mass-market, budget-grown CBD. They contain more of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavinols that make broad spectrum hemp oils so effective. Don’t settle for subpar products just because they’re cheap. Buy organic.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil Near Me? Buying Online vs. Buying In-Store

Going to a dispensary is a pain. It can be frustrating to get through security, wait in line, and make a decision about what you want with a sales associate breathing down your neck. Buying online is a faster, easier, and safer way to handle your CBD purchasing.

We recommend that you try a variety of different products first to find which ones work best for you. Once you have an idea of what you like, buying online ensures that you always get the same high-quality hemp oil for the foreseeable future.

How Do You Choose the Best Online Vendor?

cbdfx collection all

cbdfx collection allFinding a great vendor is like finding a great plumber—the reviews will tell you just about everything you need to know. Think of it like talking to the neighbors. If the service is good and the products get the job done, it’s probably a good buy.

CBD is easy enough to sell, which is why finding a good vendor can be a maze. The right vendor will offer great products and excellent customer service. Reviews are where you’ll find this information.

But can you really trust reviews? Are they just hiding all the 1-star ratings to promote a false impression? If this concerns you, the next best place to check is the lab reports. These documents give a detailed look at exactly what’s in the CBD products you buy and, more importantly, what’s not.

If your hemp wasn’t grown organically or doesn’t contain enough of the good stuff, you’ll find it in the lab reports. Vendors that provide lab reports care more about your well-being than about lining their pockets. They don’t come cheap, and cause delays to getting a product out the door as quickly as possible. Look for lab reports.

Finally, find a vendor that sells a wide variety of products for all types of users. It’s a good way to make sure you always have something that suits your unique needs.

Finally got an answer to the question: “Where Can I Buy CBD Oil Near Me?”
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