CBD Shopping Guide | December 2020

CBD, it’s benefits and products you’ll love
Carla Snuggs

Hey, friends! i’m back with my final CBD Shopping Guide. of the year I hope this helps you learn a bit more about CBD and discover some fabulous products you may want to try. You can get more information about CBD basics by clicking here.

Elevate by AMMA Healing

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Elevate from AMMA is a mood-enhancing beverage elixir that provides the perfect way to unwind with or without alcohol. Rather than dulling the senses, Elevate enhances the present moment and lets you connect and relax … naturally. And did we mention it’s calorie free?

The benefits of Elevate include:

  • Relax – All the calm and ritual of wine without the alcohol

  • Recover – No hangover to recover from, and helps you recover from your active day

  • Energize – Enhance your focus and energy without a coffee crash

  • Connect – Loosen social nerves and enjoy an invigorating state of presence with others.

  • Sip Without Sacrifice – Enjoy the social ritual of having a drink without harming your brain, liver, or waistline.

Elevate makes the perfect addition to your holiday party or for the Grinch on your list who needs a boost of holiday spirit. Elevate retails for $64.99 for 36 servings and can be purchased online here.

Harvey’s Wellness Gift Box

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Harvey’s Wellness Gift Box is the perfect gift for the holiday season as we head into the new year and focus back on a wellness routine. Swipe up to check out all gift bundles at harveysallnaturals.com and use my code CARLA10 to receive 10% off any gift box! Shop: Harveysallnaturals.com

Hakuna Supply Create a Bundle

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Hakuna Supply is your one-stop-shop for CBD holiday shopping. They offer a customizable bundle filled with your selection of CBD goodies from teas to coffees, chocolate and much more! This makes for a great personalized gift for friends, family, coworkers and even yourself! Shop: Hakunasupply.com

Plant Juice Oils Chill Out Spray

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

The blend of CBD oil and essential oils in this high-quality cooling spray is a must-have in your wellness toolkit when it comes to hot flashes. Absorbed into the skin when applied it quickly penetrates at various pulse points for rapid absorption and has the added benefit of aromatherapy from the powerful essential oil blends. 100 mg of CBD. Shop: Plantjuiceoils.com

Nesa’s Hemp

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Nesa’s Hemp is the world’s first-ever full-full spectrum hemp oil extract, cultivated from a rare form of hemp delicately produced using the whole plant, which is kept alive during the extraction process. The CBDa Hemp Oil is available in two strengths, 500 mg and 1000 mg. The only difference between the two is that the 500 mg bottle contains about 16.6 mg of cannabinoids per ML and 1/2 of it per serving, while the 1000 mg bottle contains about 33 mg of cannabinoids per ML and 1/2 of it per serving. Shop: Nesashemp.com

Being Hemp Age-Defying Serum

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Being Hemp Age-Defying Serum is an amazing, doctor-formulated serum that will leave your skin looking so youthful and healthy it may seem like a dream. But the benefits are real and lasting because the trio of key ingredients work well-below the surface at the cellular level to fuel regeneration and visibly defy the signs of aging:

  • Collagen dramatically improves skin elasticity

  • Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and reduces lines and wrinkles

  • Superior-absorbing Nano CBD restores cellular balance and reduces puffiness

  • 60-75 day supply

  • Clean-label formulation

Beautiful Age-Defying Serum also contains saw palmetto which fuels enzyme production, and Vitamin A and B that enhance cell rejuvenation. It’s no myth – you can turn back time to reveal fresher, firmer, more youthful-looking skin, year after year. Use in conjunction with Beautiful Day Crème and Night Crème.

Kurativ CBD / CBG Gummies 4:1 THC-Free 1000mg


Kurativ CBD / CBG Gummies are a fun and delicious way to experience the power of cbd and cbg. Great for on-the-go relief. Each gummy contains 4:1 cbd to cbg and 0% THC. Available in bears, worms, apple rings, peach rings, and our all-time favorite watermelon wedges. Try them all! Kurativ small gummies.

Green Eagle Cream 500 MG

Cream - Side 1.pngCream - Side 1.png

Reach your full potential with Green Eagle Cream. Eliminate aches and pains with our exclusive Nanotechnology with faster absorption and quick relief. Shop: Greeneagle.com

Sopris Health and Wellness CBD + Botanical Blend Sampler Pack


Enjoy life’s every moment. Add their Full-Spectrum CBD and Botanical Blend tinctures to your favorite smoothie or morning coffee to boost your overall well-being. Support your body’s natural ability to regulate and restore itself.

The CBD + Botanical Blend Sampler Pack includes:

  1. Slumber: to combat restlessness and promote better nights’ sleep

  2. Serenity: to tame stress and anxiety so you can feel calm and at ease

  3. Relief: for aches and pains (be active, and feel great!)

  4. Vitality: for adrenal support that puts a pep in your step

  5. Focus: to aid in mental clarity and concentration

  6. Bliss: to enhance mood & spirit

Shop: Soprishealthandwellness.com

High On Love Objects of Desire Gift Set

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

High On Love is a woman-owned, luxury sexual wellness and cosmetic brand. Their products are crafted with premium-grade cannabis seeds and essential oils. A HighOnLove® X CalExotics collab: the Objects of Desire Gift set includes our full-size (30ml) Stimulating Oil and JOPEN Palm Massager (amini massager with sparkling crystal adornments, ergonomics curved shape sensation vibration for one-of-a-kind pleasure experience). Shop: Highonlove.store

hello amber 450 mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Enchant(Mint) Flavor

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

hello amber’s CBD products are the perfect addition to your morning or nighttime ritual to support calm and clarity. Hemp is grown in the US, lab tests are available for transparency and we’re a woman & POC owned company! The tincture is peppermint flavored and pairs great with holiday beverages. Shop: helloamber.co

Daily Habit

5DIV_022719_0068 (1).JPG5DIV_022719_0068 (1).JPG

This award winning CBD combines the superior effectiveness of organically grown, full-spectrum CBD with the convenience of coconut oil powder. This combination of CBD and coconut powder turns any beverage into a delicious, creamy, non-dairy drink. Dailyhabitcbd.com

High Street CBD 1000mg Full Spectrum Strawberry Lemonade Oil/Tincture

High Street CBD’s Full Spectrum Strawberry Lemonade hemp extract drops have a superior taste created through a proprietary flavoring process and are made with high-quality hemp grown in the USA. Our Hemp Extract provides the additional benefit created from having a complete spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other nutrients that make up the “Entourage Effect.

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Dr. Ganja

DrGanja.com sells and vet some of the best brands of CBD Products on the market. Faves:
CBDfx CBD Gummy Bears with Turmeric and Spirulina: Clean, flavor packed and rich in antioxidants that may protect your cells against free radicals and prevent heart disease. The organically grown broad spectrum CBD can help boost my mood and help me feel energized and focused throughout the day.

Infinite CBD Isolate PM Capsules: These capsules are great for those needing relaxation and sleep. They have 25mg of pure Cannabidiol and 3mg of Melatonin in each one. They can help you get the rest you need after a long day.

Medterra CBD

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Medterra Holiday Survival Gift Set: A $106.99 retail value for only $49.99, the holiday kit includes the following products that are perfect for introducing loved ones to the qualities and functionality of CBD:

Keep Calm Gummies and CBD Gum, for combating stress

Sleep Tight Gummies, for restful nights

Stay Alert Gummies, for energy without the crash

Pain Relief Cream, for stubborn aches & pains

Immune Boost Drops, for the healthiest holiday season yet

**If whoever you’re gifting has a furry friend of their own, you can add Medterra’s CBD Pet Tincture in Chicken or Beef to the gift set for an extra $19.99.

Shop: MedterraCBD.com

TribeTokes CBD Pumpkin Peel | Stimulates Cell Turnover, Lifts Discoloration + Reduces Pores

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Whether or not it’s pumpkin spice season, your skin will feel revitalized and rejuvenated as this facial peel sloughs away dead skin to stimulate cell renewal. Antioxidant packed Pumpkin enzymes coupled with 3% glycolic acid (extracted from Bilberry and Clove) stimulate cell turnover, lift discoloration, and diminish the appearance of large pores. The enzymatic process reduces hyperpigmentation and smooths fine lines for smoother, more radiant skin, while CBD reduces inflammation and redness. Not to mention – this at-home mask treatment smells good enough to eat, and invokes the nostalgia of fall. Shop: Tribetokes.com

ORL’s CBD Toothpaste

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Formulated with nature’s finest ingredients, including an organic mix of xylitol, plant-based essential oils, vitamins and minerals in attaining a perfect 7.0 pH balance. ORL toothpaste helps remove plaque, enrich enamel, support gum health, and whiten teeth while leaving your breath fresh and clean. 150mg of CBD isolate to help reduce gum irritation. Their proprietary blend is scientifically proven to remineralizer and strengthen your teeth without fluoride. Effective, safe natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals

  • Gluten free, SLS free and Non-GMO

  • Mess free pump

  • Natural flavors with beneficial essential oils including tea tree, coconut and peppermint oils

  • Perfect 7.0 pH

  • Strengthens and restores tooth enamel

  • THC Free

Shop: www.orlcbd.com

Vertly Soothing Floral Soak

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Introducing one of the newest members of Vertly‘s incredible product line-SOOTHING FLORAL SOAK. This skincare essential is an indulgent wellness moment with Pink Himalayan sea salts and magnesium for stiff muscles, fresh Calendula flower extract to nourish the skin, and Colloidal Oatmeal to lock in moisture. Calendula Flower, Pink Himalayan Sea Salts, Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang, and Eucalyptus combine with 300 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp for the perfect at-home spa treatment that exudes relaxation.

Great for:


Shop: Vertlybalm.com

Dr. Dabber CBD Vape Pens:

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

As with all Dr. Dabber products, their CBD oil vape pens are built from the very best materials available and filled with the highest quality hemp oil we could source. Through an exhaustive 24 month journey of finding the right filling partners and formulating our distinct, unique flavors, they are confident that a Dr. Dabber CBD vape cartridge creates the best CBD vape experience possible. Shop: Drdabber.com

Bluebird Botanicals Gummies

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Bluebird’s new CBD-infused gummies offer a delicious CBD experience that can fit seamlessly into any part of your daily routine. Here’s what makes our new gummies so sweet and—dare we say it—the best-tasting CBD gummies on the planet.

  • Full-spectrum hemp extract – promotes health and wellness by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Each gummy contains 15 mg of CBD.

  • Delicious lemon, watermelon, and strawberry flavors

  • Organic cane sugar

Shop: Bluebirdbotanicals.com

Lifted Made Warming Nano CBD infused Lubricant

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Broad Spectrum All Natural Base Ingredients with 50mg CBD. At LeafyQuick they make SCIENCE SEXY by infusing water based lubricant with next gen broad spectrum nano hemp extract, packed with cbd and other amazing cannabinoids, combined to create the ultimate aphrodisiac.“Come one. Come all.” Shop: Liftedmade.com

Space Grade Labs MOON CUBES

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Reminiscent of a childhood classic, Space Grade Labs has created their version of astronaut ice cream, it’s made with both true ice cream lovers and health enthusiasts in mind.

Their freeze-dried ice cream is one of a kind; floating on the tongue; dancing with your tastebuds … the perfectly rich and decadent yet vegan and low-glycemic delivery vehicle for connoisseur grade organic full spectrum CBD oil.

Space Grade Labs believes in impeccable standards for superior results & perpetual wellness. This is why they chose to pair a CBD of such high caliber with coconut MCT oil. Its composition increases bioavailability of cannabinoids – an alchemical synergy enabling optimal delivery & absorption.

  • Vegan

  • low-glycemic

  • Non-GMO

  • ethically-sourced

  • Artisanal small batch production

  • Organic

Imaginal Hemp

Imaginal Hemp’s premier line of family-friendly CBD products covers everyone in the family.

  • Everyday Softgel – All the benefits of CBD in an easy-to-swallow soft gel format that allows your body to absorb CBD faster. Available in 10mg and 25 mg.

  • Salve Stick – CBD combined with several organic oils that you can use topically to relieve muscle soreness, keep joints healthy, and promote skin health.

  • Lavender Eucalyptus Salve – Soothe muscles, joints, and skin with this CBD salve enhanced with lavender, eucalyptus, and other essential oils.

  • Melatonin Softgel – The Imaginal Sleep Formula softgels combine CBD with melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone, to ensure that you get a peaceful night’s sleep.

  • Curcumin Softgel – CBD and curcumin merged in an easy-to-swallow softgel for better brain and heart health, boosted immune system, and healthy joints.

  • Vegan Gummies – Perfect for wellness programs, each gummy contains 10 mg of CBD and comes in two flavors: Strawberry-Lemonade and Green Apple.

  • Pet Chews – Help pets stay relaxed, deal with separation anxiety, and manage inflammation with these beef-flavored CBD treats. Hypoallergenic and zero dairy, soy, and shellfish.

Green Bee Botanicals’ Perfecting Serum

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Winner of the 2020 International Think Dirty Clean Beauty Awards for Best Serum, Green Bee Botanicals’ Perfecting Serum is loaded with potent, full-spectrum CBD and other plant-based antioxidants to balance, brighten, clear and protect your skin. Its clean, addictive scent and satiny feel stem from its natural, organic and vegan ingredients, including clean, full-spectrum cannabis, a stable form of vitamin C, vitamin E, rose, tea tree, clary sage, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, hazelnut oil, argan oil and plant-derived squalane. Cannabis-based serums are able to penetrate multiple epidermis layers and bind with our skin’s natural endocannabinoid receptors, sealing in all the juicy goodness for the most intensive results. Available for delivery and curbside pickup in dispensaries throughout California. Must be 21+. Learn more: Greenbeebotanicals.com

Lift CBD Calming Honey Sleep Drops

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Having trouble getting good sleep every night? Lift CBD Calming Honey Sleep Drops may be the sleeping aid you’ve been looking for. These drops not only contain CBD, but also contain an increased amount of CBN and melatonin. The cannabinoids and melatonin work together to keep your anxiety at bay, put you to sleep, and keep you sleeping. The sleep drops formula also includes honey, which makes the tincture smooth and sweet. It’s a tincture you’ll look forward to taking every night. Shop: Greenwellnesslife.com

Hemplucid Full- Spectrum CBDA Body Cream

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

This topical formulation features high concentrations of CBDA, full-spectrum hemp extract, and nutrient-rich botanicals. Our CBDA Body Cream is infused with the sweet scent of blood orange essential oil and absorbs quickly to soothe targeted areas of the skin. Enhance your beauty, self-care, or workout routine with the unique benefits of CBDA and whole-plant hemp. Shop: Hemplucid.com

SaniLux Miracle Hand Sanitizer with CBD

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Introducing SaniLux Miracle Hand Sanitizer with CBD, because who doesn’t want a clean, calming presence in their life?! Keep your hands clean and your mind refreshed with our brand new CBD hand sanitizer.

  • Featuring a CDC recommended 70% alcohol content to reduce bacteria on the skin and prevent the spread of germs.

  • Infused with a dose of CBD and aloe to keep you feeling fresh and moisturized.

  • Energizing citrus scent

Shop: Sagestreettrading.com

Hazelnut Cacao Butter by Groovy Butter

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Sustainably grown, organic Italian hazelnuts, Peruvian raw cacao, coconut palm sugar, and creamy cashew butter meet organic CBD in this decadently creamy Hazelnut Cacao Butter. We infused CBD into our hazelnut cacao spread to help you feel amazing. Shop: Groovybutter.com

Complete +

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Complete + is a professional grade cosmetic infused CBD cream. The ultimate all-in-one skincare solution. This nourishing cream is perfect for dry, damaged and chapped skin. It’s ideal for those who wish to protect their skin from everyday life and provide lasting nourishment. Formulated with a team of cosmetic skincare experts over 18 months, Complete+ combines a range of organic plant extracts with CBD. Eco Control certified, Complete+ is a professional quality face and body cream designed to nourish and encourage healthy skin. Shop: Cbd-one.co.uk

SMILE’s Mighty Mango CBD Oil

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

A rejuvenating tropical vacation in oil drops form, this fruity CBD oil drops is all about keeping you crisp, clear, and in the zone. It has a 4.9 rating from 175 users!Shop: Reasontosmile.com

SunMed Topical Cream

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Named the USA CBD EXPO’s “Best Topical in 2019,” this top-selling product is ideal for targeting specific areas on the body. The broad-spectrum formula includes cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil to replenish moisture and leave skin luxuriously soft as cannabinoid-rich extract penetrates the skin to reach difficult spots. Shop: Sunflora.org To find a Your CBD Store location, visit: Sunflora.org and select, “Find My Store.”

Kava Extract Tincture

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

nu-x’s Kava is sourced from the highest-grade Kava root cultivated and harvested in Vanuatu, an island off the coast of Northern Australia. Kava has been used for thousands of years as the ceremonial and social drink of choice throughout the South Pacific islands. Kava delivers a sense of calmness and relaxation. Our Kava extract is the perfect complement for your busy life when it gets just a bit too noisy. Our extract is raw and unfiltered. All natural ingredients are non-GMO and Vegan. Shop: Nu-xnutra.com

Zolt CBD Variety Pack

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

Find your regimen with Zolt’s 14-pack sampler of CBD drink mixes for energy, sleep, and just good old everyday balance. Live your day at peak you, sun-up to lights-out. Shop: Heyzolt.com

VRB Work – Daytime CBD Blend

CBD Shopping Guide.jpgCBD Shopping Guide.jpg

VRB Work is the ultimate daytime CBD blend. Each drop is packed with powerful natural ingredients that have been used for centuries to maximize productivity, enhance cognition, and reduce stress. Work combines the right ingredients in the optimal balance for anyone looking to stay mentally sharp throughout the day, keep stress levels low, and ultimately get the most out of life. VRB Work is great for fighting jitters caused by stimulants like coffee or as a natural mid-afternoon boost to stay in the game. Shop: Vrblabs.com

How is your CBD journey coming along? What are your favorite CBD products? Leave me a comment below!

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