Dog The CBD Hunter Unleashed

Dog Bounty Hunter CBD Brand
( Image: Dog Unleashed CBD )

With the growing number of people in the modern cannabis industry that make cannabidiol (CBD) products for pets, a Dog will soon be creating CBD products for people.

Hemp-based CBD producer CBD Global Sciences (CBD Global) on Tuesday announced the finalization of an agreement with famed reality show criminal catcher Dog the Bounty Hunter to produce a CBD product line under the name “Dog Unleashed.”

CBD Global currently owns two product categories under the Aethics and Cannaoil brand names.

According to CBD Global, the new product launch will coincide with the fourth airing of a television docudrama, “Dog Unleashed,” sometime in Q2 2021 on a subscription-based app and streaming online.

CBD Global says that the new robust line of CBD products will focus on multiple ailments in the…

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