Double the Stress Relief! Four pairings to take your CBD game to the next level.

When your schedule gets thrown out of whack – and let’s face it, these days EVERYTHING has been thrown out of whack – getting extra sleep, or at least consistent sleep, becomes very important. You may be staying up at night with a million questions about these uncertain and unprecedented times, or having to juggle working remotely in the kitchen while your kids are attending virtual classes in the den. No matter what your situation is, you’ll think more clearly and have better energy after a good night’s rest. Try a combination of melatonin and CBD in these Sleepy Zs to support a good night’s rest.

Since ancient times, people have understood the power of pleasing aromas to calm the mind and body. Our Peace essential oil combines lavender, a popular sleep aroma, with cannabinoids to support your evening routine. Scents are one of the simplest and gentlest ways to help yourself get into the right headspace for a peaceful routine before bed.

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