How to Make Kief Butter

Kief Butter, The Tastier Way

If you want to get serious about your cannabis-infused butter, there’s no better way than to start from scratch. And by that we mean making your own butter at home.

Making your own butter is a surprisingly easy, simple recipe that few people ever think to try, even though it requires very little prep time. In truth, making butter (cannabis or no) at home is literally no different from making whipped cream, only with a few more minutes involved. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cream; quality matters here so try to buy the best you can
  • A mixer, either hand or stand; an old school egg beater will also work, and so will a whisk if you’re an arm wrestling champion or something, but for most individuals we recommend an electric device for this process
  • Salt (optional)
  • A double boiler
  • Kief
  • Filtration; either coffee filter or a sachet

To make butter take your cream and place it into either the bowl of your stand mixer, or a wide, relatively flat bowl you can comfortably keep in one place (the more surface area available the better).

Turn your mixer on and let it work it’s magic. You’ll first arrive at whipped cream, with stiff peaks forming along the top and around the edges of the bowl. Though tempting to stop here you’ll need to keep going, until the cream begins to separate into defined curds, leaving the white buttermilk liquid behind. Keep mixing until the butter has formed into a mostly solid lump, with plenty of liquid left in the pan.

Kneading Your Butter

Take your butter lump and either discard the buttermilk or reserve it for other uses. First rinse your butter underneath cold water, then plunge it into a bath of water and ice. From here we recommend using your hands to knead it like a dough underneath the ice water. You’ll notice the water turning cloudy after a while; this is extra buttermilk being pushed out of the butter fat, which will help it keep a longer shelf life.

After doing this for a few minutes take your butter out of the ice and pat it dry with a paper towel – If you’d like a pinch of salt feel free to quickly knead it in now, or leave it out if you prefer unsalted butter.

From here the directions are exactly the same as in the Quick Way method: Double boiler, low heat, steep for 2-4 hours, strain if you want. Congratulations, you now have cannabis butter made from scratch, with a taste that’s going to be hard to beat.

Is this as quick as the Quick Way method? No (hence the difference in names). But do we think it’s worth it? Absolutely. The taste of fresh, home made butter is incomparable to the stuff bought off of the shelf, and particularly if you plan on using this butter more as a spread than an ingredient we feel the extra time is worth it for the improvement in taste. If you’re feeling particularly froggy you could even try experimenting with cultured butter, but as culinary guru Alton Brown would say, that’s another show (or article, in our case).

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