Joy Organics Gift Guide: College Students

Joy Organics Gift Guide: College Students

The holidays are here, and the kids are coming home from college. Sadly, gone are the days of action figures, dolls, and building blocks. So what do you get your kids when they no longer make holiday lists or write letters to Santa? We’ve got you covered. Here are the top 5 gifts for college students—premium CBD products to support their mental clarity, promote post-workout recovery, and boost overall health and wellness!

Joy Organics’ CBD Energy Drink Mix

Late-night cram sessions are often fueled by soda, artificial energy drinks, and coffee. The sugars and other additives in these beverages can actually cause unwanted side effects, like anxious behaviors, weight gain, and poor skin health. Give students the brain-supporting benefits of their favorite beverages with a tastier and healthier alternative.

Joy Organics’ CBD Energy Drink Mix is enriched with essential vitamins and 75mg of caffeine that promote alertness and focus for last-minute studying. This natural beverage also contains 12.5mg of CBD oil, so your college student is less stressed when test time hits and the caffeine wears off.

Unlike sugary energy drinks, this refreshing beverage gets its juicy berry flavor and coloring from natural ingredients, such as beet juice powder and stevia. Even if they pull an all-nighter, you can rest easy that your college student is consuming a healthier alternative to their usual sugary fuel!

Joy Organics’ CBD Bath Bombs

School can be stressful. Let your college student’s worries melt away as they soak in Joy Organics’ CBD Bath Bombs. Each bath bomb contains 25mg of CBD that helps promote relaxation and peace of mind.

After a soothing soak, your student will feel rejuvenated and ready to hit the books. However, the lavender essential oils might just put them to bed at a decent time for once!

Joy Organics’ Orange Bliss CBD Tinctures

Stress is very common for college students. Unfortunately, many turn to alcohol, unhealthy sleep patterns, or other questionable coping mechanisms. Your student can find a healthier, more natural option with Joy Organics’ Sweet Orange CBD Tinctures.

CBD tinctures provide fast-acting stress support when faced with life’s unexpected roadblocks. This all-natural formula combines phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract with organic orange essential oils and MCT oil. Together, they create a tasty treat that will promote mental and physical wellness.

Joy Organics’ CBD Sports Cream

Whether your college student is an athlete, tends to be the life of the party, or has poor posture from being on the computer all day, they will benefit from Joy Organics’ CBD Sports Cream. This ultra-hydrating formula is enriched with a proprietary blend of hemp extract and essential oils that promote recovery, rejuvenate skin cells, and support physical well-being.

Joy Organics’ CBD Sports Cream nourishes. This unique blend of botanicals helps promote circulation for healing while locking in moisture for clear skin. Your college student is going to look good and feel good with Joy Organics’ CBD Sports Cream.

Joy Organics’ Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies

What college student doesn’t love gummies? Instead of those sugary treats made with additives, Joy Organics’ Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies are crafted with natural ingredients.

Each vegan gummy gives an exact serving of 10mg of CBD oil. These treats allow your student to tailor their wellness routine to meet their studying needs. Plus, they taste just like candy…without the guilt!

Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith is Joy Organics Director of Communications. She’s passionate about providing wellness and CBD education in a clear and accessible way. Before Joy Organics, she worked as a travel writer and photographer.

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