My doctor threatened to stop prescribing Vyvanse for my ADHD if I test positive for marijuana and I argued with him a bit until it was slightly awkward.

I’m 25 and I live in Illinois where it is recreationally legal. I have been prescribed Vyvanse for 10 years and other ADHD drugs for ~10 years before that. I smoke occasionally (before bed or on the weekends) because it’s fun (and I have done it that way for ~7 years), but I don’t let it interfere with my academics or jobs. I use it responsibly. I just graduated this December with my DPT after 7 years of college and so you can bet your ass I smoked some of the Devil’s lettuce recently to celebrate. I apparently made the mistake of being honest with my doctor a while ago and told him (when asked) that I occasionally partake in recreational use and so he required me to take a urine drug screen. He is threatening to take me off, cold turkey. I told him that seems counterintuitive because it would obviously do more harm than good. He shrugged and said “Well…” and then continued with his documentation before performing auscultations on my heart and lungs. He also told me that he’s okay with it as long as it’s medically prescribed. Then I went to the lab and peed in a cup. I’m mad.

His initial reasoning for not wanting to prescribe the Vyvanse to a recreational marijuana user was that he was unaware of the interaction between them or there hasn’t been enough research (but medically prescribed marijuana is fine?) and then today he said smoking marijuana recreationally is bad. I asked him if I could take the risk as an adult and continue being prescribed. He said no and mentioned the possibility of losing his license. I asked him if there was a rule or regulation that made him do it this way or if it was just his practice and he said it was just him. Again, I’m frustrated.

Maybe someone can enlighten me on why he’s doing this? But so far I think his personal beliefs about marijuana are getting in the way of his Hippocratic oath to “first, do no harm” and that I need to find a new doctor. I’m happy to answer any questions.

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