My friend flipped out on us twice while high

i’m really just posting this to understand how weed can even do this to someone. i’ve tried to do research but can’t find anything. the first time it happened was about a year ago, and he had smoked a cart. he went super pale and absolutely lost his shit. at first, his body completely tensed up as he bit into a dresser and he wouldn’t respond to us. he then started crying and we set him down to go to sleep which eventually turned into him hyperventilating and screaming at the top of his lungs. he went crazy and started beating up our other friend and breaking things around the room. our big guy friend couldn’t hold him down and that’s when we locked ourselves outside and had him taken away in an ambulance.

we chalked it up to being a bad cart, and i really don’t like that shit anyway.

so around last summer he decided to try actual weed and he was fine. he hasn’t smoked a lot but a couple times since then. barely anything though, just a little, and i’m not sure if he even got high and inhaled properly.

we were all hanging out last night and the guys decided to smoke and it happened again. he started saying “this is just like last time y’all are gonna have to call an ambulance” over and over and over. we tried to chill him out then he started saying “black” which was something he screamed the first time it happened. as soon as he said that i left, knowing i couldn’t handle what was about to happen. i didn’t even put my shoes on and bolted out of the house until someone called me and asked me to meet them at the car.

apparently while i had left he either punched or lunged at our other female friend and broke some shit. one of our bigger guy friends held him back. when i met with them he was sobbing apologetically but clearly still high. he got picked up and went home and we all went our separate ways without having to call an ambulance thankfully.

he says now that he was seeing rainbows, so many different colors, shapes that would morph, the car was stretching, bears running across the road. it sounds like an acid trip. he also remembers things happening that didn’t happen at all and says that he felt like he was in hell. he had no control over his body and he feels absolutely terrible for attacking our friend. he has no idea how that even happened.

i cannot even begin to fathom how marijuana can take over your mind and body like that.

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