New 400mg CBD Body Lotion Highlights

New 400mg CBD Body Lotion Highlights

Evolve your skin care routine with Pure Hemp Botanicals new luxurious 400mg CBD Body Lotion. When caring for your body, balance is essential. Discover the functionality of a powerful natural topical that can soothe stress points in the body along with providing essential hydration to the skin. Our Body Lotion brings the luxury of a spa day to you in every pump. Your body will thank you for the pampering!

Crafted with pure plant based ingredients, Pure Hemp Botanicals Body Lotion gives you the purest skincare experience. Our high quality cannabinoid infused Body Lotion is formulated to deliver your skin lasting hydration with a layer of comfort and ease. 

Lightweight and thin, our Body Lotion has a silky consistency that glides into the skin and absorbs evenly. CBD Body Lotion is ideal for spreading over large areas of the body. One pump of this lotion goes a long way. Our CBD lotion gives the skin a soft touch with subtle natural aromas from rose flower water, willow bark, and rosemary essential oil. Formulated to blend into all skin types without leaving greasy residues or clogging pores. Light and pure, nourish your skin through rich plant botanicals with Pure Hemp Botanicals vegan body care.

Revive and rejuvenate your body with Pure Hemp 400mg CBD Body Lotion for deep nourishment that goes beyond the surface. Each ingredient works synergistically to balance your complexion and noticeably hydrate and replenish the skin. 

Highlight and Ingredient Benefits:

Pure Hemp Cannabidiol – Balance and comfort, supports the body to move with ease

Organic Aloe Leaf Juice – Skin cooling and soothing properties

Organic Coconut Oil – Hydrating and purifying properties

Pure Vitamin E – Counteracts free radicals and promotes skin cell regeneration 

Witch Hazel – Cleansing  properties for a clear complexion

Sunflower Seed Oil – Softens and restores rough skin while supporting new skin cell growth

Organic Hemp Seed Oil – Nourishing hydration and gives skin a luminous glow

Rose Water –  Calms skin irritation and has a light floral scent

Organic White Willow Bark Oil – Supports a radiant clear complexion

Organic Rosemary Oil – Balances the skin’s natural oils

Organic Neem Seed Oil – Stimulates collagen production

Pure Hemp Botanicals 400mg CBD Body Lotion is crafted to naturally absorb into your skin to noticeably hydrate and replenish the skin giving your body a luminous glow while adding an extra layer of comfort to help with soreness, dryness, cracking, and more. CBD Body Lotion is a great match for tired, stressed muscles and offers you a way to directly target tense areas that need soothing. Bring balance to your body through nature, with natural ingredients you can trust and results you can feel.

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