Order confirmation emails – Hotmail/Outlook

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I know this was discussed (and marked as “Solved”) in another thread but I’m having the same problem in my new store and want to make sure this is still the correct answer. This is a huge problem because it makes my store look like it’s not legitimate. The information I know:

  • Any customers with Hotmail/Outlook are not receiving any automatic emails generated by Shopify (order confirmation for example).
  • The emails are NOT going to the Junk/Spam folders – they’re not going through at all.
  • I can send them an email from my domain email and it goes through fine, so it’s only the ones from Shopify. 
  • My domain is through Shopify.
  • My email is hosted through GSuite.

I read through the other thread and saw the recommendation to add the TXT record. I found where to do that in my Shopify account and have attached a screenshot. Can you please confirm if my TXT records are correct now? Or should I be using the “combined” on you posted for those who host email with GSuite? If I do that, do I delete the other one that says “google-site-verification”? As you can tell I’m very scared to do something wrong and mess up my email completely.

For anyone else that had this problem and did this, did it fix the problem, and how long did it take after you updated it before it started working?


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