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What Mail data does Verizon Media collect?

We collect and content data from:

  • sent and received emails
  • photos
  • attachments

How does Verizon Media use your Mail data?

We use your Mail data for the following purposes:

  • to provide the emails you receive from senders in your inbox, and send your emails to your recipients
  • to provide filters and other features to give you a better Mail experience.  For example:
    • to allow you to search, customise and organise your inbox
    • to highlight certain emails you receive over others, such as those that contain shipping information, travel information, documents or photos
    • to identify spam, malware, phishing emails and other means of fraud
      • For example, when users click on the Spam and Not Spam buttons, our anti-spam team or other spam compliance service providers may manually review the messages. Sometimes, we share aspects of these messages with senders to reduce spam messages and improve the quality of emails from other parties in return.
  • with your consent, to provide you with content and ads that we think you’ll find more interesting and relevant on our and elsewhere on the

How does Mail analysis work?

Our Mail products analyse and organise your incoming commercial emails for your convenience. Commercial emails are structured emails from retailers and other organisations. Here’s how the analysis works: 

  • When you receive commercial emails, we may identify certain elements of those messages, like keywords, package tracking and product identification numbers, and prices.
    • During this process, we automatically attempt to remove any information that on its own could reasonably identify you, like your name or address.
  • We use the information from our analysis to power Mail features for you, such as parcel tracking.
  • With your consent, we will use certain analysed elements of your commercial emails to personalise your content and ads. We do not analyse emails from individuals like your friends and family to personalise content and ads. To further protect user privacy:
    • no emails or any email content leaves our systems in connection with Mail analysis.
    • no user-level information or advertising segments based on Mail data are shared with advertisers. Advertising segments based on Mail data are only available to advertisers on our systems. 
    • advertising segments created from Mail analysis require a minimum number of users.

Gmail data you share with Verizon Media

If you provide Verizon Media access to your Gmail data, Verizon Media will only access such data to provide features in our email clients such as the ability to compose, send, read, and process emails (including attachments) and will not transfer this Gmail data to third parties unless doing so is necessary to provide and improve these features, comply with applicable law, or as part of a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets. Verizon Media will not use your Gmail data for serving advertisements.

Verizon Media will not allow humans to read your Gmail data unless:

  • Verizon Media has your affirmative consent for specific messages;
  • doing so is necessary for security purposes (such as investigating a bug or abuse) or to comply with applicable law

How can you manage your Mail data?

To download a copy of your Mail data, visit the Mail Download Manager.

  • For AOL Mail: click here
  • For Yahoo Mail: click here

To withdraw your consent for Verizon Media to analyse your Mail for ads and content personalisation, visit Your Privacy Controls.

To delete your AOL or Yahoo Mail account, or exercise certain controls over our use of your data visit Your Privacy Controls.

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