Students have choice of face-to-face, online learning

Caledonia Community Schools is offering two learning options for their students that meet Michigan’s executive order guidelines. Families can choose between face-to-face and fully online learning for their elementary, middle and high school students. 

Caledonia High School teachers will instruct both face-to-face and online learning, supported by Michigan Virtual content. 

According to the district’s Fall Learning Options for 2020-2021, Caledonia chose Michigan Virtual to allow for flexibility. This comprehensive solution includes training for teachers in both the platform and how to teach in an online model.

For the high school’s online learning option, Brightspace Learning Management Systems will virtually deliver asynchronous and synchronous fully online instruction, taught by CHS teachers. 

At the elementary and middle school level, Caledonia teachers will deliver face-to-face instruction blended with Google Classroom. For students learning fully online, Edgenuity Learning Management System teachers will instruct students for 2020-2021, with Caledonia certified teachers available for student and parent support. By 2021-2022, Superintendent Dedrick Martin says Caledonia teachers will instruct all online learning. 

“Our goal is not only getting through this pandemic but also creating a full online K-12 program for homeschooling, allowing our families to be a part of the Caledonia district structure from start to finish,” Martin said. 

In all district buildings, face coverings are required for all staff and students. At the end of the semester, families can decide to switch between face-to-face and online learning.

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