The 5 R’s for a Stress Free Day

Making the most out of your mornings is rewarding. When you flow into your day with compassion and self care, you can accomplish more with less stress. Start your day off right with this morning routine. These 5 R’s can help you improve your quality of life instantly!

1. Relax

Take your time waking up. Setting your clock a few minutes earlier gives you time to refresh before charging full speed into daily tasks. This will help you flow into your day with less stress, a positive attitude, and feel more grounded. Relax, set yourself up for success without the stress.

2. Refresh

There is something to starting the day feeling fresh and clean. First thing after rolling out of bed press a hot washcloth against your face to freshen up and wake up your tired eyes. This is great if you are not a morning shower kind of person. Water is so healing and can bring you to life on a cold winter morning. Apply a light layer of Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD body lotion to your arms neck and face and any dry skin areas on your body. Greet the day with a fresh approach, this will help you feel prepared to accomplish your goals with an upbeat attitude.

3. Recharge

Coffee, I don’t ever go without it. Whatever it is that gets you going, tea, coffee, or smoothie, add a dose of CBD! One serving of Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD tincture in the morning is great for daily stress support and balance. I incorporate 50mg of Pure Balance Full Spectrum tincture into my morning routine for a calm and clear mindset. It works!

4. Revitalize

Before you jump into the workflow whether you are working from home or commuting, give yourself 5 minutes to get in your body and wake up your senses. This simple 5-minute routine relieves stress effectively, boosts your energy, and calms your nerves.

  1. Lay a mat or towel on the ground and sit with your legs crossed and back straight.
  2. Breathe deeply, feel your breath fill your belly. Hold for a few seconds before releasing.
  3. Push all the air out slowly to feel the empty space between each breath. Repeat this 10 times.
  4. Rock your body around and roll your neck around slowly to unlock tension.
  5. Now stand up straight and tall and pull your head up towards the ceiling.
  6. Extend your arms out in all directions, then practice some of your favorite stretches.
  7. Now stand up and get your entire body shaking. Start with your fingers, wrists, arms, and keep moving until your whole body is shaking and vibrating.
  8. Shaking will invigorate your energy, get your blood flowing, and release stress built up in the joints and muscles.
  9. End your exercise with a positive mantra. “I open my heart so I can be free, love sustains me.”

5. Reward

When you begin your day with mindfulness and compassion for yourself, you set yourself up to receive the reward of peace. Having an open mind and an open heart allows you to experience life as fresh and new. The more you practice an attitude of gratitude, you will experience less stress and more happiness in your life, and that is the reward we all strive for.

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