This Trusted CBD Brand Has Everything You Need to Chill Like a Pro

Soul CBD’s lineup of gummies, tinctures, bath bombs, and lotion are the perfect antidote for stress this winter.

Soul CBD

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We’ve all found ways to try and cope with the unrelenting stress tornado that 2020 has cast upon us. Drinking a few more glasses (okay, bottles) of wine than normal? Baking (and devouring) a gluttonous amount of sourdough bread? Guzzling ice cream? They all do their part. But, this year has also brought many of us to consider the objectively healthier benefits of using CBD to manage the constant barrage of anxiety.

Using CBD with regularity has been shown to help many people stay calm and relaxed, sleep better, and even treat aches and pains, but it’s also a supplement that interacts with every body differently. In other words, it’s all about experimenting with different kinds to see what works best for you. And if you’re on the fence about if it works at all, we recommend trying some of the products from Soul CBD.

Soul CBD produces a suite of super popular CBD products for all manner of applications, whether you’re hoping to simply chill out a bit, reduce anxiety levels, sleep more soundly, boost your mood, or treat physical pain. They even have products designed to help your pets chill out. The brand also insists on using organically-grown-in-the-USA hemp, and has all of its products tested by a third party lab to ensure potency.

We’re personally partial to Soul’s CBD bath bombs (seriously, they’re amazing), but they also offer a wide spectrum of other products including gummies, capsules, tasty tinctures, and even a topical “relief” cream to help keep you thriving through it all. If you’re looking to explore the ever-expanding universe of CBD, here are a few items from Soul worth giving a go.

CBD Bath BombsCBD Bath Bombs

Looking to turn your bathtub into a hotel-caliber spa? These luxurious bath bombs are made from a blend of CBD, essential oils, and Dead Sea salts and come in five targeted varieties (Get Relief, Get Smooth, Get Chill, Get It On, and Get Period Relief).

CBD GummiesCBD Gummies

Each one of these tasty gummies packs 10mg of CBD to help you chill out when you need to. Plus, they also come in four delicious flavors: Raspberry, Orange Cream, Strawberry, and Coconut Vanilla.

Dream CBD CapsulesDream CBD Capsules

Desperate for some quality 8-hour shuteye? These capsules are specially formulated to send you into dreamland
with 25mg of CBD and 2.5mg of melatonin.

CBD Oil DropsCBD Oil Drops

If you’re into the sublingual CBD oil thing, these are right up your alley. You can opt for either the original 500mg version, or go big with the 1500mg variant, and drop them under your tongue as needed. They also come in a handful of tasty flavors including Watermelon Mint, Lemon Lime, Peppermint, or Orange.

Rapid Relief CBD CreamRapid Relief CBD Cream

If you’re dealing with sore muscles or achy joints, you’ve got to try this cream. Simply apply it to the area you’d like to target on a regular basis, and let it do its thing. It contains 500mg of CBD isolate and a bit of menthol so that it feels nice and soothing before it even gets to work.

Calm CBD Dog TreatsCalm CBD Dog Treats

It’s safe to say we’ve all met a dog or two who could afford to chill out a bit. Enter: Bacon-flavored CBD treats, which are specifically designed to address your furry companion’s restlessness. Each chew contains 5mg of CBD, which is the perfect strength for smaller dogs. If you have a bigger animal at home, you may just need to give them more than one chew per day for maximum efficacy.

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