Top 8 Pre-Rolled Cones For Smoking Premium Cannabis

Pre-rolled cones are quickly becoming the preferred smoking option for many cannabis consumers. They are fast, easy to fill, and come out perfect every time. And let’s not forget, in these health-conscious times, opting for something that wasn’t licked by another person is a desirable feature.

However, when paying for convenience, you want to make sure your money is worth it. A bad cone can ruin good bud, whether it’s from tearing or taste. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know what is going to give you the best bang for your buck. Join PotGuide as we take a look at the best pre-rolled cones on the market.

Why Are Pre-rolled Cones Popular?

Despite varying levels of ability, your average consumer is not a master joint or blunt roller. Getting a nice, large, even cone can take time and practice. Furthermore, some people simply don’t know how to roll at all, but still want to enjoy a big joint or blunt. If you’re about to consume some premium cannabis, there’s no faster or better option.

Beyond being easy for the average consumer, pre-rolled cones are a lifesaver for anyone that has difficulty with fine-motor skills.

And while cannabis has some excellent flavor on its own, sometimes it’s fun to alter the taste with additional flavoring, and some smokers outright prefer it. Maybe your Super Lemon Haze could use a little berry in the mix? Pre-rolled cones have become a staple of the industry, offering some of the quickest gratification among cannabis products: just fill and light.

Features of a Pre-Rolled Cone

Pre-rolled cones come in a wide spectrum of variations. When purchasing, you’ll want to consider the size, shape, and material the cone is made from to find what’s right for you.

Much like rolling papers, cones can be made from palm leaves, rice, hemp, cotton cellulose, or plain ol’ bleached paper. This is the primary choice to be made when selecting a pre-rolled cone, and each will have its own unique properties that will affect the draw and flavor of the smoke (more on that below).

Beyond the material the cone is made from, the tip (also referred to as a “crutch” or filter) will also be a determining factor on the quality of a cone. Some will offer better filtration while others allow a smoother draw.

Pre rolled joint in a cone

There are a wide variety of cones to choose from, with different sizes and materials, to personalize your smoking experience. photo credit

While size and shape are important features of a cone to be aware of when selecting, the options here will mainly depend on your circumstances of use. Obviously, larger cones will fit more flower for a single-serving. For shape, whether your “cone” is more cylindrical or not is really a personal choice.

Lastly, some cones will come with accessories or have some bonus features. For example, resealable packing on a two-pack of cones, or in the case of King Palms, a handy packing tool (one of the best “bonus” items we’ve ever come across).

What Makes a Good Pre-Rolled Cone?

When considering which pre-rolled cone to buy, it’s important to note several things as each material is going to have some different properties. Let’s take a look at some key features of top rolling products on the market.

Palm: Prized for its neutral flavor, smooth, slow burn, and structural stability. In a lot of ways palm is more reminiscent of a cigar wrap, but sturdier (and obviously tobacco-free). Palm is harder to tear but more rigid. This means you can pack a lot into a palm cone, but it will break instead of crumple if you sit on it accidentally.

King Palm Joint

Palm cones are preferred for their sturdiness and slow burn. photo credit

Rice Paper: In terms of staying out of the way and letting the flavor of the bud shine, rice paper comes in just below palm. Rice paper cones burn very clean, with little to no impact on taste. They are more pliable than most papers, so if you need to squeeze two in a doob tube, it might be a consideration. However, beware they are also the frailest of these options.

Hemp: Hemp can actually make two different types of pre-rolled cones, the more traditional paper ones, and a heartier blunt-wrap style. The main difference there will be durability and burn rate. Thicker, blunt-style ones will burn slower. Hemp papers are widely available, sustainable, and tend to be the standard that a lot of dispensaries offer. However, hemp papers to impart a small noticeable flavor that some purists are not fond of.

Paper (wood pulp): The most classic, available at most gas stations, and also popular among some dispensaries (though often this is because of their low price). Paper cones will certainly get the job done, and are usually the most economical option out there. In today’s cannabis culture, these might be lower in the hierarchy, but will always have their place.

Paper rolling papers

Paper cones are the most common type available on the market. photo credit

Cotton Cellulose: What might appear like plastic cling wrap is actually made from cotton! Cotton cellulose cones are clear, making them one of the most unique smoking options. They are also one of the sturdiest rolling mediums, in terms of resistance to tearing or crumpling.

While we wouldn’t quite say that they affect taste, smoking from a cotton cellulose cone is certainly a different experience, which likely contributes to them being less popular. Try for yourself to see what you think, even if it’s just for the cool factor of a clear wrap.

Top 8 Pre-Rolled Cones on the Market

Without further ado, take a look at the top pre-rolled cones currently available for purchase.

King Palm

These are our top choice when burning something exceptional. Despite the heavy appearance, palm burns smooth and flavorless, and for premium bud, you don’t want anything getting in the way. A well-packed King Palm is more akin to a fine cigar (of course without tobacco) than a regular cone, and offers a similar slow, enjoyable smoking experience. The little seals on each one adds that extra touch of class, too. Palm is also all-natural and sustainable, which we are big fans of.

It might seem a strange thing to gush about, but we need to mention the bamboo packing tool as well. A tamping tool is the friend to every good roller, from novice to expert, and having one included is a bigger aid than it might first appear. The packing tool helps get a nice, even distribution throughout the cone and makes filling much faster and easier (especially when on-the-go).

The tips on King Palms are also unique, being made of cornhusk instead of paper or hemp. Not only does this mitigate heat better than paper filters, but the fine holes allow plenty of smooth draw while maybe being the most effective barrier we’ve seen outside of a reusable mouthpiece.

For those that enjoy a little added zing, King Palms also come in a variety of flavors to suit whatever your feeling. It’s all the little details that King Palms get right that make the difference. They seem to have thought of everything, and it shows.

Elements Cones

If you’re opting for a more paper-like roll, Elements will be the closest to flavorless. Rice-based paper burns exceptionally clean with very little impact on taste. For this reason, Elements are the preferred paper of many that roll by hand and their cones bring the same quality with a little less work. The trade-off here is that Elements can be slightly more delicate than other cones, so you’ll want to be aware when stuffing and transporting them.

Raw Cones

Maybe the most ubiquitous cone on the market currently, RAW cones can be found on dispensary shelves across the world. Hemp paper is a natural pairing to cannabis, being from the same plant and all. Hemp is also incredibly sustainable, and supporting hemp helps support cannabis culture. Hemp tends to be slightly sturdier than rice papers so there’s a structural consideration as well (especially if you’re prone to accidentally crushing a joint).

While RAW cones make a great smoke, the hemp flavor is distinctly noticeable. For anyone who hasn’t smoked out of hemp paper in a while and returns to it the note is pretty clear. Some people specifically like and enjoy that flavor note, so it’s not a universally negative aspect, but be aware.

Cyclone Hemp Cones

Closer to the blunt end of the spectrum, Cyclone Hemp Cones are similar to many of the blunt-style hemp wraps going around (Juicy Jay might be the most popular comparison). They also have a handy packing tool and come in a wide variety of flavors. The Cyclone line itself has some of the widest variety available overall, from hemp to cotton cellulose, with a variety of tips.

For those that need a little extra reinforcement, Cyclones come in a handy plastic tube, however much like doob tubes from the dispensary, they can easily pile up after you buy a few. If you can’t find a King Palm, this is a decent hemp substitute with some similar perks.

JWare Cones

Crafted with care in Bali, these cones are a great option outside of some of the bigger name brands. The “natural” variety is made from bamboo pulp, which is unique (and more sustainable), and the company is focused on supporting and improving the lives of its factory workers (something few cone companies highlight). It’s a quality cone you can feel good about. Most interesting is that JWare cones come in many, many different sizes, so you can find just the right size for you.

Zig Zag Cones

If we’re being frank, Zig Zags are rarely the first thing reached for in terms of smoking options, but at the same time, they’ve always been there for us when we needed them. Zig Zags are made from wood pulp, so burning them will have the most impact on flavor, but has a little more structural integrity than hemp and rice papers.

While Zig Zags aren’t the connoisseur choice, you can’t knock a classic. Zig Zag cones can be found almost anywhere, and usually at a very good price. If you can’t find a proper headshop or dispensary that carries smoking accessories, there’s always Zig Zags to be found somewhere. Grocery stores, gas stations, heck they might even sell them along with canned beans as bunker supplies.

Roor Cones

From the people who brought you your fancy bong come perfectly serviceable cones. They are unbleached, so a little better than Zig Zags in terms of smoke quality, about on par with a RAW, but a less distinct “hemp” note on the burn. While there’s nothing spectacular about Roor cones, there’s also nothing particularly negative about them. A great alternative when you might not be able to find your usual go-to brand. The Roor name has developed a reputation for being reliable (debate that as you will, but many smokers associate the two), and their cones continue that tradition.

Shine 24k Cones

For when you want to throw a little swagger in your sesh, there’s always the gold option. Probably not what you want to reach for every day, as their golden sheen naturally comes with a higher price tag, but when you’re feeling flashy and a little ridiculous, why not? For the fun factor alone, every cone smoker will probably want to take these for a spin at least once.

The Wrap Up

Sometimes there’s no right answer for the “best” cone. The best cone is the one that fits the occasion; it’s whatever you enjoy smoking from most. As mentioned, we often seat King Palm among the upper echelon, but to know for yourself, the best way is to try some out. Grab a few different cones to compare, and see what comes away as the most memorable!

What do you reach for when grabbing a pre-rolled cone? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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