What is the Best Way to Consume Marijuana

With the stigma of cannabis erased, the use of cannabis evolved. First, it was legally approved for its medicinal benefits, and the clamor for recreational use was made legal as well.

Marijuana companies find new ways of consuming cannabis that pops up every day.

From the traditional stick, you can now enjoy marijuana smoking in myriad ways using vaporizers, pipes, and bongs. Edibles stored in decorative glass weed jars filled with gummies, brownies, or cookies makes you want to eat more. Topical for beautification or therapeutic purposes, and many more.

The best method depends on you. How you prioritize price, convenience, strength, wellness, and taste.

Main Types of Marijuana

There are two major types of marijuana that come from a different species of the marijuana plant, namely, Indica and Sativa. When the two major species are crossbred, the Hybrid type is developed. A fourth strain Ruderalis is used for its therapeutic benefits.

Marijuana users choose the strain that will provide the result they want. Potheads know that each strain has a different effect, let us jog the memory a bit to know the impact when taking.


Indica originated from a cold mountainous climate. It is short and resembles a bush; the leaves are darker and rounder than Sativa. The buds tend to flourish in clusters.The strong weed has high levels of THC and low in CBD. The sedative effects help people who suffer from sleep disorders. The relaxing effect gives the consumer a body high, making them pass the time on the couch.


Sativa thrives in warm climates and grows tall with lengthy, slim leaves. It requires over 11 hours of darkness and will blossom under certain light conditions.

It is low in THC and high in CBD. The mood-lifting and energizing effects give relief to people suffering from mood disorders. This strain is consumed in the morning and afternoon, users experience better focus, become more creative, and feel head high.


Hybrid is the result of crossbreeding the seeds of the Indica and Sativa plants. They are described based on the influence of the dominant strain. For instance, a Sativa-dominant strain will give better focus and a head high feeling.

Beyond indica, sativa, and hybrid, dispensary supplies might divide the types of cannabis they have into strains. Strains are essentially different breeds of cannabis, and they’re bred to have specific effects on the user.


Ruderalis comes from southern Russia. It is shorter than the Indica and Sativa strains. The stems are fibrous with large leaves. The weed will flower depending on the age instead of relying on light conditions.

The high concentration of CBD makes it suitable for medicinal marijuana.

What’s the Safest Way to Consume Marijuana?

During this pandemic time, there is not much data about the effects of coronavirus on the consumption of marijuana. Let us take a look at the different ways of ingesting cannabis to help in your selection of the safest and effective method of consuming marijuana products.


The effects will be felt within seconds of inhalation and will peak within 30 minutes that will last between one to three hours.

Marijuana smoking has no adverse effect on lung health. It triggers injury to the airways and the risk of chronic bronchitis syndrome, but this recedes when the user stops smoking,


The effects will be felt within seconds of inhalation and will peak within 30 minutes that will last between one to three hours.

Vaporizing will eliminate about 95 percent of the smoke that’s sniffed. A vaporizer is heated to a high temperature that extracts cannabinoids and terpenes in a marijuana plant. But the temperature is low to release toxins during combustion, reducing the hazards linked with smoking.


The effect will be felt in about 30 minutes and will last within four to six hours. This method is popular among patients and new users since it does not require any instrument and the way to dose is easily understood.

Tinctures are concentrated marijuana and a versatile product. You can place it under the tongue, blend with your drinks, as an ingredient to cooking food, or as a topical stored in glass weed jars. The dose of tincture can be controlled to reach the effect the user wants.


The effect will set in between 15 minutes to two hours depending on the metabolism of the user and whether it was ingested on an empty stomach or not. It can last between four to 24 hours depending on the user.

Marijuana is consumed by eating foods. The effect is more gradual but lasts longer which will benefit chronic pain patients.

Recreational users can use any method of consuming marijuana if the joint or vaporizer is for their personal use only. It is a common practice within the cannabis community to puff, puff, pass,COVID-19 might spread if one of the tokers is contaminated.

Patients should not consider smoking or vaping there are hazards with these methods. It is best to consult a medical marijuana doctor to help you manage the symptoms of illness.


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