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Sounds like third world problems.

My taxes are deducted in full and paid by my employer with each paycheque. It’s the law around here.

All I have to do is check my advanced tax directly on a government site once per year. If I can be bothered, that is.
From there I can make minor adjustments to my deductables, eg. working far from home grants extra deductions. Usually takes around 5 minutes. They already know everything from my employer. Submit the form, and then wait a few months for either a cheque or a small bill, depending on wether I’m owed or I owe taxes.

Sweet system. No predatory third parties making money off an overly complicated tax system.

Taxes here operate near identical to how you described.

We just file after tax year closes so in the case we managed to overpay, we’re issued a refund. In the case we happened to underpay (which becomes an issue when dealing in larger sums), we’re required to pay in the difference.

With corona and tax year extensions, everything is a royal mess. Most aren’t even aware that new due date was July 15th; pushed up from April 15th. (Which is even more messed up, since I filed super early back around Jan/Feb.)

Most utilize services like Quicken, Intuit’s TurboTax, H&R Block’s TaxCut, etc — typicallly since they proclaim to be experts on all the many tax laws, and sell on the ability to claim that they’ll protect you from this sort of thing happening; thus, my PSA warning/caution for anybody else. In this case, would seem like textbook fraud, or at least false-advertising.

You don’t get on wrong side of IRS (tax-collectors); they have full legality to make your financial-existence quickly vanish and your life a living hell, especially if you owe a lot in.

I’ve used TurboTax the past 5+ years; very first time I have to pay in a fairly substantial amount (or at least more than I ever have in past), and this happens — I mean corona sure, but considering the consequences I could have ended up in, due to their completely dropping the ball, I’m now at the very least questioning their competence. ?

(As for the extra rules for payment plans; TurboTax displayed them, did everything required of me, IRS accepted plan. Then June 27th, according to the IRS operator that I spoke to, they terminated plan for no reason given; meanwhile, neither IRS nor TurboTax apparently thought it a good idea to notify the person or persons most directly effected by the impact of that action. ?)

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