Yes or No, Edibles are the Future of Cannabis?

edibles and the future of cannabis

The recent surge in acceptance and legalization of marijuana in different states in the US has improved the base of the cannabis industry. Over the past couple of years, different sectors of the cannabis industry have rapidly developed. Both recreational and medical marijuana have grown to incredible heights. However, with these advancements comes accountability and several methods of consumption that were highly rated in the past are slowly losing relevance. New innovative methods of cannabis consumption like edibles tinctures, etc are slowly moving to the forefront of the cannabis industry. These developments beg the question, are edibles the future of cannabis?

In this article, I’ll be drilling down on cannabis edibles, what they entail, and lots more!

A closer look at Cannabis Edibles

In the search for newer and better ways to enjoy cannabis other than smoking or vaping, cannabis users stumbled on the miracle ‘cannabis edibles’. A cannabis edible is simply food or drink infused with cannabis. As we all know, there are different types of cannabis strains, so the effects derived from an edible depends on the cannabis strain used. A Sativa-dominant cannabis strain is sure to provide an energetic and euphoric high while an Indica-dominant cannabis strain promotes a calm and relaxed feeling. It should be noted that the effects of hybrid cannabis strains depend on the ratio of THC and CBD in the strain.

Presently, there is a very wide range of cannabis edibles, and users are still looking for more food products to infuse cannabis into. The popular types of cannabis edibles include gummies, baked foods, chocolate treats, beverages, and so on. When we talk about beverages, you will be surprised to know that cannabis is not restricted only to coffee and tea. Cannabis is also being infused into sodas, energy drinks, and clear water. Another surprising development among edibles is cannabis beer. Dooma Wendschuh, co-founder of Province Brands in Canada is looking to produce the first cannabis beer and take the space of cannabis edibles to a new level.

When it comes to cannabis edibles, the market analysis clearly shows what a success it has been so far and how much success lies ahead. Analysts have forecasted an increase in retail sales of gummies to $21.5 billion in five years. This is coupled with the fact that the market size of CBD gummies is expected to give a CAGR of 31.9% by 2025. Numerous economic protections by experts show that wonderful days lie ahead for the cannabis edibles market.

Why are cannabis edibles so popular?

Lack of health risk associated with smoking

One of the prominent reasons for the popularity of cannabis edibles is the lack of health risks. The effects of smoking or vaping cannabis on the lungs have always been a major drawback that bothered consumers. This drawback is avoided and corrected with cannabis edibles as they work through the digestive system and not the respiratory system. Smoking cannabis releases some harmful substances that irritate the lungs. These harmful substances are not introduced to the body when edibles are used.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has also helped to increase the popularity of cannabis edibles. The respiratory complications that characterized the pandemic have made more cannabis users opt for the use of edibles over smoking or vaping.


The presence of multiple varieties of cannabis edibles has been one of the major factors behind its popularity among cannabis users. Different cannabis users easily develop new recipes for cannabis edibles to their taste and preference. This also means that different types of flavors and taste can come with the edibles masking the taste of cannabis. Cannabis gummies for example come in a wide variety of flavors giving the user the luxury of choice.

Discrete yet potent

The potency of cannabis edibles is not to be debated. Measured doses of cannabis oil or cannabis butter are widely used for making different types of cannabis edibles. This ensures that measured and accurate doses are delivered to the cannabis user especially those using it for medicinal purposes. Another advantage working in the favor of cannabis edibles is discreteness. Unlike smoking, cannabis can be enjoyed in coffee, tea, gummy, or lollipop. This makes the user comfortable with enjoying cannabis anytime, anywhere.


Cannabis edibles are very versatile. They can be used to meet both the recreational and medicinal needs of a user. Cannabis gummies, for example, have been modulated to give different types of effects either strong lasting effects or fast action effects. They are therefore effective in dealing with pain, anxiety, or sleep disturbances.

Current trends pointing to edibles as the future of cannabis

Different trends are going on among cannabis users that show that edibles are the future of cannabis. Here are some of those growing trends.

Cannabis cooking classes

With newer types of cannabis edibles coming out daily, more recipes are popping up everywhere. This has helped to increase the popularity of cannabis cooking classes. Different cannabis users from all-over gather around to learn how to make edibles from the comfort of their kitchen. The increasing popularity of cannabis classes shows that more cannabis users are looking towards cannabis edibles.

Cannabis restaurants

Nothing speaks the fact that cannabis edibles are taking center stage like cannabis restaurants. These establishments offer cannabis edibles to all customers. These cannabis restaurants leverage the fact that many cannabis users are looking for better ways to enjoy cannabis to open their customers to a new and elevating experience. Bars and cafes where cannabis edibles are majorly on the menu are also on the rise nowadays.

Cannabis bakeries

One of the growing types of cannabis edibles that have been widely accepted is baked goods. This has influenced the development of many cannabis edibles where baked goods infused with cannabis are produced. These niche cannabis bakeries are specially designed to meet the specific needs of cannabis users. Cannabis-infused brownies are highly sought after among cannabis users due to its ability to inspire the taste buds and so much more.

Bottom line

Cannabis edibles can only go up. All reports point to edibles being very dominant in the cannabis industry in the not-so-distant future. Cannabis edibles are slowly becoming the go-to method of consumption for the majority of users as more and more dynamic ways to enjoy them are being developed.







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