Zinc Intake Played Key Role In My Recovery

After overcoming Covid-19, GS Bedi feels that one should not let the fear of Covid incite panic. But, he says, we should also not lower our guard.

He says consuming poultry products regularly kept him healthy. He stresses that this habit came handy in combating the virus. “Government is giving a kit to each positive patient which carries zinc tablets. Zinc is easily available in eggs. It’s being a complete diet is a universal fact.”

Aged 60, he has been taking precaution for immunity build-up by consuming Chyavanprash, Vitamin C and E tablets.

“Persistent fever propelled me to undergo the test at Government dispensary in Ranjit Avenue, which confirmed my positive status.”

A day before being confirmed for Covid, he also felt the symptoms of throat infection. So, he started taking steam twice a day and drinking lukewarm water. He daily consumed paracetamol and erythromycin.

While suffering from Covid, his prime concern was the safety of his family members, especially his 89-year-old mother Davinder Kaur Bedi. He had to take several precautions to ensure the safety of his family members. Firstly, he isolated himself in a room and ensured that there was no contact with others.

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